Get in the Game

January 6: Advancing the Ball
January 13: Playbook for Growth
January 20: Playbook for Giving
January 27: Playbook for Going

The Playbook for Going

John 20:19-21 Definition: Mission is the divine activity of sending intermediaries to speak or do God’s will so that his purpose is furthered. The Power of Mission Mission prepares ministry Mission purifies motives Mission produces momentum Once a person’s been going to church for five years, 90% of their friends are Christian. – Mark Ashton…

The Playbook For Growth

Ephesians 4:11-16 The Reality of Growth Growth begins with desire Growth is focused on development Growth happens through discipline Growth requires great determination Why do people not experience growth? They stop listening – absorbing and accepting the truth about God They stop learning – understanding the meaning of Truth and it implications They stop obeying…